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Unix Administration Basics

Unix Administration Basics

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Course Description

Unix Administration Basics Course. Topics covered in this course include: VirtualBox, Basic commands, Special characters, File editing, Filesystem structure, Finding files, Shell special characters,Regular expressions,Process management, Job scheduling, Customizing your account, UNIX printing, Networking, X Windows, Backup and compression, Text utilities, Shell scripting, System administration basics.

Course Outline

Mod 1 Virtual Box
Mod 2 Basic Commands
Mod 3 Special Characters
Mod 4 File Editing
Mod 5 File System Structure
Mod 6 Finding Files
Mod 7 Shell Special Characters
Mod 8 Regular Expressions
Mod 9 Process Management
Mod 10 Job Scheduling
Mod 11 Customizing Your Account
Mod 12 Unix Printing
Mod 13 Networking
Mod 14 X Windows
Mod 15 Back Up And Compression
Mod 16 Text Utility
Mod 17 Shell Scripting
Mod 18 System Administration Basics