Undergraduate Level 5 IT and Computing Diploma

Manhattan Studies Institute

Undergraduate Level 5 IT and Computing Diploma

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Undergraduate Level 5 IT and Computing Diploma

If you have the desire to turn your passion for computers into a career, The IT and Computing Diploma offered by Manhattan Studies Institute is definitely a program you should consider. It is a combination of theoretical with hand-on with Cisco Certificates included. Just CONTACT US to find your options

Our online Level 5 IT and Computing Diploma course is a 240-credit course, it includes 10 modules and written assignments at each level. The course is designed to equip you with the skills you need to Top Up to a full Undergraduate Degree and go on to become an IT professional. While completing the course, students will have access to a variety of support services, including Tutor Support and Webinars, a Social Learning Forum, and additional materials to help in the completion of their Diploma course.

University Top-Up

If you decide to top up to a full Undergraduate Degree through an accredited UK university, the costs are as follows. Please note, the below costs are for distance learning/online only. You have the option of finishing on campus, Costs will vary depending on which university you wish to complete your final year.

 University of Derby

Top up Final Year BA (Hons) Computing – £4400

Middlesex University

BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems (final year)

BSc (Hons) Information Technology & Business Information Systems (top-up)

NOTE: UK/EU students may be eligible for student loans for the top-up portion of their studies. Visit www.slc.co.uk for more information.

Am I Eligible For This Progamme?
To enroll in the Level 5 course, you must be at least 18 and have a full secondary education. Before enrolling in the Level 5 course, you must complete the Level 4 or equivalent.
  • Level 5 Module Listing
Innovative Technologies in Computing
This module looks at innovative trends and disruptive advances taking place and examines the new generation of skills and knowledge that will be required to work successfully in the sector.
Computing Research Methods
This module will explore the knowledge and skills required to undertake research in this field and the qualitative and quantitative approaches required including the use of literature and design of research proposals.
Software Development Methodologies
This module looks at the role of systems engineering in the development of software and various models of data, software, and processes using modeling approaches.
Computing Project Planning
Creating and managing projects has changed over the years with the development of sophisticated IT Software, this Module focuses on how being a project manager in the 80’s differs from being a project manager in today’s world.
Strategic Management of Information Systems
This module is concerned with developing an understanding of the strategic role of MIS within the organization and how it impacts on the broader objectives and strategy of the business.

Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in IT
This module explores current issues in the IT sector and how these may impact on areas of security, confidentiality, privacy, and the law.

Network Design and Management
This module explores the principles of networks and network design and implementation and support of network systems.

Web-Based Development
This module will explore the design, deployment, and management of visualization and explore its commercial and potential impact.

Cyber Security
This module will enable an understanding of the importance of digital security to business, to understand industry standards of digital security and be able to recommend improvements in security.

Advanced Databases
This module focuses on understanding database design and development includes advanced languages to analyze and query database data. Students will research database management and critically test and evaluate databases.

  • Written Assignments

The ATHE Level 5 IT and Computing Course is made up of 10 modules and 10 written assignments at each level. On completion of the modules, students will be given access to the assignments. The assignments are approximately 3000-5000 words each. Students are provided support on the modules and assignments via the ‘Tutor’ section of the learning platform.


The Assignment unit titles for the level 5 course are:

1. Cyber Security
2. Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues and Professional Responsibilities in IT
3. Network Design
4. Web-Based Development
5. Database Design And Development
6. Innovative Technologies in Computing
7. Computer Research Methods
8. Managing a Computing Project
9. Software Development Methodologies
10. Strategic Management Information systems