Six Sigma Green Belt

Manhattan Studies Institute

Six Sigma Green Belt

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Course Description

A process is a means of creating and delivering products and services needed by customers. According to Takashi Osada, Japanese author and quality pioneer, “if the process is right, the results will take care of themselves.” By Six Sigma standards, a “right process” is one that creates and delivers precisely what the customer needs. By this logic, no Six Sigma effort can start without having a high-level picture of an organization’s customers and other stakeholders, their needs, and the business processes meant to fulfill those needs. A thorough analysis of the existing business processes – and the products and services they churn out – is the first step in Six Sigma projects. You need to listen to the “voice of the customer” to find out what customers need, identify opportunities for change and improvement, and translate customer needs into goals and customer deliverables. In this course, learners will examine how to analyse process components and stakeholders in an organization. They will also learn about concepts and tools for collecting and analyzing customer information and feedback.

Course Outline

Mod 1 Six Sigma And The Organization
Mod 2 Six Sigma And The Organization
Mod 3 Define Phase Voice Of The Customer
Mod 4 Define Phase Project Management Basics
Mod 5 Define Phase Management And Planning Tools
Mod 6 Define Phase Business Results For Projects
Mod 7 Define PhaseTeam Dynamics And Define Phase Summary Review Questions
Mod 8 Measure PhaseProcess Analysis And Documentation
Mod 9 Measure PhaseProbability And Statistics
Mod 10 Measure PhaseStatistical Distributions
Mod 11 Measure PhaseCollecting And Summarizing Data
Mod 12 Measure PhaseMeasurements System Analysis (MSA)
Mod 13 Measure PhaseProcess And Performance Capability And Measure Phase Summary And Review
Mod 14 Analyze PhaseExploratory Data Analysis And Hypothesis Testing
Mod 15 Analyze Phase Process Drivers
Mod 16 Improve PhaseDesign Of Experiment (DOE)
Mod 17 Improve PhaseRoot Cause Analysis
Mod 18 Improve PhaseLean Tools
Mod 19 Control Phase Statistical Process Control
Mod 20 Control PhaseLean Tools For Process Control