Project Management Professional (PMP)

Manhattan Studies Institute

Project Management Professional (PMP)

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Course Description

"The PMP is the gold standard of project management certification. Recognized and demanded by organizations worldwide, the PMP validates your competence to perform in the role of a project manager, leading and directing projects and teams." The exam covers the entire project life cycle from initiation and planning through execution, acceptance, support and closure. Project managers are in high demand and are one of the higher paying sectors in many industries. The exam covers pre-project set-up/initiating; project planning; project execution and delivery; change, control and communication; project closure.

Course Outline

Mod 1 Project Management and Organizational Strategic Value
Mod 2 Organizational Culture and Project Goverance
Mod 3 Project Management Knowledge Areas and Process Groups
Mod 4 Project Integration Management and Lifecycle of a Deliverable
Mod 5 Project Charter and Project Management Plan
Mod 6 Planning for and Identification of Project Stakeholders
Mod 7 Managing Stakeholder Engagement
Mod 8 Planning Human Resources and Acquiring the Project Team
Mod 9 Development and Management of the Project Team
Mod 10 Planning Project Communications
Mod 11 Managing and Controlling Project Communications
Mod 12 Planning and Establishing the Project Communications
Mod 13 Validation and Control of Project Scope
Mod 14 Planning for and Identification of Project Risks
Mod 15 Qualitative and Quantitative Project Risk Analyses
Mod 16 Planning and Control of Project Risks and Responses
Mod 17 Planning Quality Management
Mod 18 Quality Assurance and Project Quality Control
Mod 19 Planning, Defining and Sequencing Project Activities
Mod 20 Estimating Activity Resources and Durations
Mod 21 Development and Control of the Project Schedule
Mod 22 Planning and Estimation of Project Cost
Mod 23 Determining the Project Budget
Mod 24 Controlling Project Costs
Mod 25 Planning and Conducting Project Procurements
Mod 26 Control and Closure of Project Procurements