Mastering Your iPhone

Manhattan Studies Institute

Mastering Your iPhone

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Course Description

In this class we cover it all from button functions, screen gestures and settings, to sending and receiving messages and emails and finding, adding and creating contacts. Plus, you’ll learn to utilize everything from navigation and maps to taking great pictures and video. And we’ll give you tons of little tips and tricks that will surprise even the most seasoned user so you can show them up for a change.

Course Outline

Mod 1 iPhone Basics
Mod 2 The Screen
Mod 3 The Keyboard
Mod 4 Basic Calls and Settings
Mod 5 Contacts
Mod 6 Phone Calls
Mod 7 Messaging
Mod 8 Web
Mod 9 Email
Mod 10 Siri
Mod 11 Music
Mod 12 Photos and Video
Mod 13 Maps
Mod 14 Conclusion