CPC/CPB Certification - Medical Coding and Billing ICD-9

Manhattan Studies Institute

CPC/CPB Certification - Medical Coding and Billing ICD-9

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Course Description

The ICD is currently the most widely used statistical classification system for diseases in the world. ICD-9-CM is an adaption created by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and used in assigning diagnostic and procedure codes associated with inpatient, outpatient, and physician office utilization in the United States. The ICD-9-CM is based on the ICD-9 but provides for additional morbidity detail.

Course Outline

Mod 1
Lesson 1 Introduction to Reimbursement
Lesson 2 Anatomy Physiology
Lesson 3 – Medical Terminology
Lesson 4 – Introduction to ICD-9-cm
Lesson 5 – Application of ICD-9-cm (1-10)
Lesson 6 – Application of ICD-9-cm (10-19)
Lesson 7 – Introduction to ICD-10-CM
Module 2
Lesson 1 Introduction to CPT and HCPCS
Lesson 2 Evaluation and Management (E/M)
Lesson 3 Surgery, Integumentary system, Anesthesia & Modifiers
Lesson 4 Musculoskeletal
Lesson 5 – Respiratory and Cardio
Lesson 6 Female Genital System, Maternity Care and General Surgery
Lesson 7 Radiology
Lesson 8 Pathology
Lesson 9 Medicine