CompTIA 220-801 or JK0-801: CompTIA A+ Essentials Live Lab

Manhattan Studies Institute

CompTIA 220-801 or JK0-801: CompTIA A+ Essentials Live Lab

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The CompTIA A+ certification is the first step of your professional IT journey. It is the ideal foundational certification to get started on a career working with cutting-edge information technologies. This training program covers mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops and beyond. The exam verifies an individual can troubleshoot networking and security issues within operating systems such as Apple, Android, Windows and more.


Module 1: Introduction To Personal Computers And IT Certification

1.1 Course And Instructor Introduction

1.2 Personal Computer Concepts- Part1

1.3 Personal Computer Concepts- Part2

1.4 Becoming An IT Professional

1.5 Module Review

Module 2: Internal Hardware Components

2.1 Motherboards- Part1

2.2 Motherboards- Part2

2.3 BIOS

2.4 Power Supplies

2.5 Chasis

2.6 Central Processing Unit- Part1

2.7 Central Processing Unit- Part2

2.8 Memory- Part1

2.9 Memory- Part2

2.10 Module Review

Module 3: Storage Fundamentals

3.1 Drive Adapters And Standards- Part1

3.2 Drive Adapters And Standards- Part2

3.3 Hard Drives- Part1

3.4 Hard Drives- Part2

3.5 RAID Technologies

3.6 Optical Drives

3.7 Removable Storage Devices

3.8 Storage Device Troubleshooting

3.9 Module Review

Module 4: Expanding Hardware Capabilities

4.1 Expansion Components Overview- Part1

4.2 Expansion Components Overview- Part2

4.3 Expansion Technologies- Part1

4.4 Expansion Technologies- Part2

4.5 Audio Video And Communications Video Cards- Part1

4.6 Audio Video And Communications Video Cards- Part2

4.7 Module Review

Module 5: Working With Peripheral Devices

5.1 Peripheral Devices Overview

5.2 Input Devices- Part1

5.3 Input Devices- Part2

5.4 Multimedia Device

5.5 Video Monitors- Part1

5.6 Video Monitors- Part2

5.7 Printers And Scanners- Part1

5.8 Printers And Scanners- Part2

5.9 Module Review

Module 6: Laptop Computers

6.1 Portable Computer Overview- Part1

6.2 Portable Computer Overview- Part2

6.3 Laptop Computer Expansion And Service

6.4 Module Review

Module 7: Computer Networking

7.1 Networking Fundamentals- Part1

7.2 Networking Fundamentals- Part2

7.3 Network Devices

7.4 Cable And Connectors

7.5 TCP IP Fundamentals- Part1    

7.6 TCP IP Fundamentals- Part2

7.7 TCP IP Fundamentals- Part3

7.8 Internet Connectivity

7.9 Wireless Networks

7.10 Module Review

Module 8: Operational Procedures

8.1 Operational Procedures

8.2 Professionalism And Customer Service

8.3 Course Outro