Cisco 210-065 CIVND: Implementing Cisco Video Network Device

Manhattan Studies Institute

Cisco 210-065 CIVND: Implementing Cisco Video Network Device

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Course Description

This course provides students with the necessary knowledge to describe and implement Cisco Video solution architectures including Cisco Tele-Presence products, video based end-points, and digital media platform including digital media players for small to medium size businesses. This course was designed as the second part of a two part series on Cisco Collaboration technologies which are designed to provide students with the necessary information to earn a CCNA Collaboration certification.

Course Outline

Module 1: Cisco Video And Content Delivery„„
Module 2: Cisco Video Surveillance
Module 3: Cisco Collaboration
Module 4: Central Collaboration Endpoint Control„„
Module 5: Unified IP Phones, Desk Endpoints And Cisco Jabber
Module 6: Configuring Unified IP Phones And Cisco Jabber
Module 7: Operating And Troubleshooting Cisco Unified IP Phone Snd Cisco Jabber Module 8: Cisco Telepresence Endpoints Installation And Characteristics
Module 9: Configuring Cisco Telepresence CTS And Cisco DX650 Endpoints
Module 10: Configuring Cisco Telepresence TC Endpoints
Module 11: Operating And Troubleshooting Cisco Telepresence Endpoints
Module 12: Cisco Multipoint Conferencing Solutions
Module 13: Configuring And Monitoring Cisco Multipoint
Module 14: Cisco DMP Characteristics And Installation
Module 15: Configuring Cisco DMPs
Module 16: Managing Cisco Edge 340 DMPs
Module 17: Labs