CCSK  Cloud Computing Security Knowledge

Manhattan Studies Institute

CCSK Cloud Computing Security Knowledge

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Course Description

The Cloud Computing Security Knowledge class provides students thorough coverage of cloud security fundamentals and prepares them to take the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK certification exam. The course begins with a detailed description of cloud computing and then expands into all major domains such as; Governance and Risk Management, the Cloud Architectural Framework and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Upon completing this course, the students will be experts in the following topics: Pass the CCSK Exam Understanding cloud computing security challenges Cloud computing security controls recommendation Elasticity, Resiliency and Measured Usage Understand the cloud computing architectural framework

Course Outline

Mod 1 Architecture
Mod 2 Governance and Enterprise Risk
Mod 3 Legal Issues- Contracts and Electronic
Mod 4 Compliance and Audit Management
Mod 5 Information Management and Data Security
Mod 6 Information Management and Data Security
Mod 7 Traditional Security, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery
Mod 8 Data Center Operations
Mod 9 Data Center Operations
Mod 10 Application Security
Mod 11 Encryption and Key Management
Mod 12 Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
Mod 13 Virtualization
Mod 14 Security as a Service