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At Manhattan Studies Institute, we build the most beautiful and affordable Certification Road Map for you. But that’s not all we do! As well as designing the road map, we also offer support and advice for the best, affordable and fast track to certifications and internship services to help you ensure that your efforts in achieving certificate finds its way onto as many internships/jobs opportunities as possible. In doing so, we also drive more customers to your business and we help to gain more exposure for your brand.

Why You Need The Road Map

Say you have asked us to help with your certification affordable track, in order to improve your knowledge and your resume: than employers or partners or customers will learn about your personal brand, your business and even will place internships requests directly through our internship  hub, or even book themselves an interview with you.

But imagine if you were to also do some additional promotion for your achievements or your new certifications so that people who weren’t previously interested in you would find it. We’ll help to advertise your personal brand and eventually build your own app to advertise yourself. Once you are enrolled in two of our online affordable courses, please request support with your personal brand app. That way you’d help more of the huge user base on iTunes and Google Play to discover your business and to see how easily they could start finding you. They’d see your free app and install it to check out your business and then be instantly impressed by your achievements. That way they could keep it on their phone and keep you in mind for next time they’re looking for professionals!

Or better yet, if you are prominent in the marketplace and online, then your future customers or employers would be able to find your app and contact you. Your personal brand app will advertise your achievements and will be professionally posted through our recommendation hub, so you could be sure to win out over the other professionals.