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Academic Admission

Entry Requirements

University Entry Level 3 Program Requirements - Apply Now !

For entry on the Level 3 qualification learners would generally be aged 16 or above.

For learners who have recently been in education or training the entry profile is likely to include one of following:

  • 5 or more GCSEs at grades C and above
  • other related level 2 subjects
  • other equivalent international qualifications

Learners must also have an appropriate standard of English to enable them to access relevant resources and complete the course modules and assignments.

Mature learners may present a more varied profile of achievement that is likely to include relevant work experience (paid and/or unpaid), participation and/or achievement of relevant qualifications.

Undergraduate Level 4/5 Program Requirements - Apply Now !

Entry to a Level 4 program generally requires a full secondary education and a minimum age of 18.

Entry to a Level 5 program depends on a student gaining Level 4 or equivalent. Level 4 is equivalent to the first year of a degree or HNC or local equivalent. Level 5 is equivalent to to the second year of a university Degree.

If English is not your native language, you may need to provide verification of your English language capability. There may be an ILETS or TOEFL English language requirement or equivalent.Not required in the beginning if you start studying online with Manhattan Studies Institute.

Please note specific university requirements will differ between universities. Normally, universities will accept the 240 credits offered by the Manhattan Studies Institute program at Level 4/5 for final year completion, but Students should check with their chosen university for specific entry requirements before enrolling with MSI.

Graduate Level 6 Program Requirements- Apply Now !

Entry onto the Level 6 Program is for non-graduate mature students of at least 25 years of age with 5 years of work experience who wish to progress to a Postgraduate qualification.

Postgraduate Level 7 Program Requirements - Apply Now !

You will be eligible to study the Level 7 courses if you are a Graduate in any discipline and are aged 23 years or over. Non-graduates aged over 24 years with at least 5 years experience in management may also apply.


Successful with your online pathway ?

Study in USA 

Manhattan Studies Institute  (MSI) is currently accepting the following types of students:
  •  International Students
  • Domestic Students 
  • Transfer students from any accredited colleges, universities or higher education institutes
  • Two years colleges and community colleges
  • Military
  • Veterans
Manhattan Studies Institute strategy for international abroad studies in US is included in the BRICK Method.


Complete the Application File, consisting of:  
  • Application Form (request by email the admission package)
  • High school diploma - legalized (notarized) copy
  • High school & all previous colleges/universities attended transcripts - must be received eight weeks before student program start date
  • Certificates from any corporate education training programs or professional development
  • Submission of essay written in English or in-person interview or Skpye interview
  • Language certificate (TOEFL: 79 IBT, IELTS: 6.0)* or official letter from english professor attesting English proficiency
  • Resume (CV) in English
  • Medical certificate (vaccinations for measles, mumps, and rubella)
  • Medical Insurance
  • 3 photos (passport size) or electronic version 
  • Passport Copy
  • Financial Statement or Affidavit of Support for all expenses (tuition and accommodation)**
  • Application fee of $200


Submit the Application File

The above documents may be submitted by email to BRICK Team at  or by courier service to our mailing address:   Manhattan Studies Institute  Admission Office 48 Wall Street, 11th floor New York, NY 10005 United States of America


Admission Interview 

The interview is intended to assess the potential of candidates to attend MIM. It can be held via Skype (video call), based on appointment, every day from Monday to Friday. Appointments can be made by email to, subject Admission.


Admission Decision

  1. The admission decision is received by e-mail in 4-5 week days following the interview.
  2. Letter of Acceptance. Successful candidates will receive an official letter of acceptance stating they are admitted in the program.
  3. Visa Application Guide. Successful candidates will receive a guide with useful information regarding obtaining their American visa.
  4. Confirmation of Acceptance. Successful candidates will confirm their attendance by signing the tuition agreement and paying the first installment of the tuition fee.


Visa Application & Arrival in USA
Once you have been accepted in the program, you can apply for the visa. 

 MSI & partners are authorized by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to issue the I-20 form. Students who request an I-20 will be required to complete a registration form and submit certain financial information. Our International Relations Coordinator will guide you through the necessary steps to receive an I-20. 

Students studying with a Student Visa are required to study in a full-time program. When you are accepted into our program, a completed I-20 form and a letter of acceptance will be given or sent to you. Overseas students will have to go to their local U.S. Consulate or Embassy with their passport, I-20 form issued by MSI & Partners, and appropriate financial information to apply for a Student Visa.


Please contact us if you have any questions.​


* Certificates and minimum scores accepted for enrollment in the program: 

  • TOEFL (75 IBT, 500 paper based, 200 computer based), IELTS (6.0 Academic), Cambridge (FCE – A; CAE – A,B,C; CPE – A,B,C)

** Financial Requirements: You will need to provide us with the following in order for us to issue your I-20:

  • A copy of a recent (not older than 60 days) bank statement or a letter from your bank (in English) showing you have sufficient funds for the length of your study in New York. 

  • If someone is sponsoring you, we will need their bank statement, or a letter from their bank (in English) showing they have sufficient funds for the length of your study in New York. Your sponsor also must complete an Affidavit of Support